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Shipping times can vary depending on where in the world you are purchasing from.

If you'd like an accurate estimation of shipping times, please e-mail with the item you'd like to purchase and your country of residence. For a general guide, see below:

For the United States, almost all of our products should reach you within 12 - 20 days, with some products being less than a week. Due to stock availability and other factors, this could however be longer than 20 days.

If you live in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia (excluding some parts) or New Zealand, shipping times will be similar to the US.

If you live in South America or other parts of North America not mentioned above these shipping times may be longer.

For remote locations, please e-mail before purchasing to check that we can ship to where you live.

*Excludes some countries.

We reserve the right to not process orders depending on your location (don't worry - you'll get a full refund). If you aren't sure, please e-mail us beforehand. 

No refunds will be granted if you check shipping times after purchasing product(s) and are unhappy with estimated time frame. For more information on refunds refer to our refunds page.

Once an order is processed, you can check the status of it by visiting our track order page. Just provide your order number and order e-mail (your order number can be found on your order confirmation e-mail).

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